Family business

The family business Janus Vaten, established in 1870, specialises in the production and reconditioning of steel and plastic packaging.

With four business units, Janus Vaten supplies a unique overall concept. Our customers are, for example, found in the petrochemical and food industries.

  • Janus Vaten: Reconditioning of steel and plastic packaging 
  • Janus Trading: Purchasing and selling of new packaging 
  • NCG Benelux/France: Joint Venture by Janus Vaten and Mauser in relation to IBC's 
  • Dutch Drum: Production of new steel packaging


With a team of motivated people, we do our utmost to excel in terms of quality, flexibility and reliability in order to optimally serve our customers.

The corporate culture of Janus Vaten is characterised by a good working environment and solidarity. Motivated personnel collaborate as a team in a safe environment that endorses responsibility, communication, recognition and process ownership.


Janus Vaten strives to achieve sustainability in terms of products, processes and contacts. One of the challenges that Janus Vaten has set itself is to perform all processes with minimal energy consumption, a minimum amount of waste, and minimal air and water emissions. Employees are involved in the Lean Production System at Janus Vaten, aimed at reducing waste during the production process. This is a continual improvement process. By constantly supplying 'packaging in top condition', Janus Vaten satisfies the sustainability wishes of its customers. Customers who jointly contribute to the business continuity, in the short term as well as in the long term.

Re-use of packaging better for the environment.
Since humanity has adopted a more frugal attitude towards the use of all raw materials for the mission, the re-use of packaging has become increasingly important. The report from SERRED about the Carbon Footprint shows that the re-use of packaging (in terms of the CO2 burden on the environment) is beneficial in comparison with new packaging.


T&C Packaging International
Janus Vaten is authorised by T&C Packaging International to recondition, convert and/or manufacture drums used for transporting hazardous substances (ADR). NCG Benelux is authorised for repair, routine maintenance, inspection and the conversion of combination IBCs. In this respect, audits are regularly performed by T&C Packaging International. In order to become authorised, the work must satisfy the requirements of the quality assurance system approved by T&C PI. Guidelines have been drawn up by T&C PI in this respect.

The ICCR is a global organisation for reconditioners of industrial packaging. Janus Vaten played an important role in helping to establish the ICCR. The ICDR (predecessor of the ICCR) was established in 1987 at Janus Vaten in Oosterhout. The ICCR has published guidelines for the reconditioning process for industrial packaging. This Code of Practice is used by reconditioners worldwide. 

Janus Vaten / NCG Benelux is also a member of SERRED (Syndicat Européen Récupérateurs et Rénovateurs de Drums). The SERRED represents the interests of European reconditioners of empty industrial packaging


DARIP (Dutch Association for the Reuse of Industrial Packaging) represents the interests of Dutch reconditioners of industrial packaging. The Code of Practice is used as guidelines for the reconditioning process. These guidelines have been published by the ICCR. DARIP members are affiliated due to SERRED.

Quality Masters
Janus Vaten, Janus Trading and NCG Benelux are ISO 9001-certified since 2000 and ISO 14001-certified since 2001. All activities are performed whilst observing the requirements of these standards. Internal and external audits are performed annually within the framework of these standards. The external audits are performed by Quality Masters.

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