Steel open head and tight head drums

Janus Vaten employs the latest techniques and machines for supplying high-quality reconditioned drums. These are available in UN-approved and non-UN-approved versions.

The reconditioning process for steel open head and tight head drums:

  • Quality control 
  • Dedenting internal and external cleaning 
  • Shotblasting 
  • Leak testing 
  • Painting
  • Drying and final inspection 
  • Automatic loading                                       

  • Applying logos / screening 
  • Palletising

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Steel fruit juice drums

Janus Vaten has a separate department that specialises in the reconditioning of steel drums for the fruit juice industry. 

The reconditioning process for steel fruit juice drums:

  • Unloading
  • Quality control 
  • Dedenting and cutting to the right height 
  • Shotblasting 
  • Painted externally 
  • Painted internally: new FDA-approved coating 
  • Height and weight measurement 
  • Loading

  • Applying logos / screening 
  • Flatten drums

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Intermediate bulk containers

In order to complete the portfolio, Janus Vaten has collaborated with Mauser in order to specialise in the reconditioning of IBCs. 

The reconditioning process for IBCs:

  • Unloading 
  • Sorting 
  • Inspection 
  • Internal cleaning 
  • External cleaning 
  • Drying 
  • Leak testing 
  • Final inspection

  • Installing new inner tank 
  • Various logistical solutions

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ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
Janus Vaten, Janus Trading and NCG Benelux are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified. Internal and external audits are performed annually within the framework of these standards.

UN-approved packaging 
Janus Vaten is authorised by T&C Packaging International to recondition, convert and/or manufacture drums that are used to transport hazardous substances (ADR). NCG Benelux is authorised for repair, routine maintenance, inspection and the conversion of combination IBCs. In this context, audits are regularly performed by T&C Packaging International. In order to become authorised, the work must satisfy the requirements of the quality assurance system approved by T&C PI.

The ICCR is a global organisation for reconditioners of industrial packaging. The ICCR has published guidelines for performing the reconditioning process for industrial packaging (Code of Practice). These guidelines are used worldwide by the reconditioners. 

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