Collection of packaging

Via a recollect system, we can collect your used packaging. For example, jerrycans, plastic drums, steel drums and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) A large part of your used packaging can be re-used after reconditioning. By recycling packaging, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

You can use the buttons below to print or fill in our recollect form, so that the purchasing department can then contact you as soon as possible. 


Janus Vaten/NCG Benelux has drawn up acceptance conditions to enable environmentally-friendly processing of emptied industrial packaging. These conditions have been drawn up by the DARIP (Dutch Association for the Reuse of Industrial Packaging). 

Industrial packaging, for example, includes: 

  • Steel drums 
  • Plastic drums 
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)  

The DARIP has set itself the objective of transporting and storing industrial packaging, and making this suitable for re-use in an environmentally-friendly manner and in accordance with the applicable statutory regulations. In this respect, the operational management constantly focuses on supplying products and services, as reliably as possible, in a socially responsible manner in order to minimise any adverse effects relating to the product quality, the environment and the working conditions. The objective of the acceptance conditions outlined below, is to also ensure that product (residues) from the packaging remain as far as possible where they belong, i.e. with the users of these products.

Acceptance conditions:  
a. Only empty packaging is accepted. Packaging is empty when this has been carefully emptied in an appropriate manner, using the best available techniques such as pouring, pumping, sucking out, scraping, shaking or a combination of several techniques. Depending on the type of residues present, techniques involving dripping, shaking, scraping or scraping empty may be used.
b. The original labels referring to the original contents of the packaging may not be removed or rendered illegible.  
c. Residues must be removed from the exterior of the packaging, without affecting the original labels.  
d. The packaging must be properly sealed so that no damage is caused during transport and storage. Moreover, appropriate measures must be taken in order to prevent adverse effects on people or the environment and, where necessary, to eliminate this. 
e. If the packaging contains residues that can cause problems during cleaning due to odour nuisance and the presence of poisonous substances or residues that are generally detrimental for the environment, then, in consultation with the reconditioner/collector, the packaging will possibly have to be supplied in a pre-cleaned condition. This packaging must be equipped with a sticker stating “pre-cleaned” or another marking from which it is evident that pre-cleaning has actually taken place. The fact that the packaging has been pre-cleaned must be stated in the consignment note. 
f. Packaging that has contained radioactive substances or explosives cannot be offered and will not be accepted. 
g. If the empty, uncleaned, industrial packaging must be regarded as waste by virtue of the applicable laws and regulations, the Eural codes applicable to the waste must be stated when supplying the packaging. 
h. Transporting the packaging takes place in consultation with the supplier and in accordance with the applicable statutory regulations.  
i. The reconditioner/collector inspects every packaging during or immediately after the unloading from the vehicle in order to evaluate whether the packaging complies with these acceptance conditions. The opinion of the reconditioner/collector is binding.  
j. If, despite the requirements stated in paragraphs a. to i. Inclusive, the packaging still does not comply with the acceptance conditions, then this will be returned or externally processed in consultation with and at the expense of the supplier. 
k. These acceptance conditions are applicable to all packaging, regardless of the material used to manufacture the packaging.

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